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16/05/2024 Site Launch, new Song Upload and Disappointment

Things went even worse than I expected and everything looks like a complete failure, zero comments, zero retweets and zero interest! Not going to surrender already, so I uploaded a new song

05/05/2024 First Song Published, almost ready to Launch!

We are almost there! First song published on YouTube, webpage work is almost done, waiting for a bit of extra feedback.


Work on the webpage is almost done, the video i posted before is now Hosted Publicly in my YouTube channel that I've set ready and launched, I'm re-embedding it here too:

Plans are to finish the Webpage and gather extra feedback and support from other Demon's and Dark Souls enthusiasts and creators and then have a proper Launch on Twitter (not gonna call it X :D ) hoping for a good number of retweets from friends!


Work started on this webpage, sent the preview video to Lokey.

The video is currently set as "not published" and not on a dedicated YouTube channel.