Hymn for Boletaria

A.I. Powered Demon's Souls Tribute Music

What is A.I: Generated music?

First of all I'm totally and well aware that this is a very tricky matter.

Music generated by Artificial Intelligence is created through the use of some webpages or local models that through the input of your text and musical descriptions creates a song.

The process is somehow similar to that of generating pictures; You give a creative Promt, create many iterations, mold and mod them together and get a result.

But this way you are doing nothing?

For sure i'm not creating or producing in a traditional way, but style and text is what matters the most for a song. So, besides that you also have to keep generating and finding the right mix for a great result...

But that is exactly what I'm leaving to your ears: listen, enjoy, think is it is actually good, no matter how this was produced!