Hymn for Boletaria

A.I. Powered Demon's Souls Tribute Music

Why so curious? ;)

To keep it short, I'm a 40+ years old man from Italy, and I really, REALLY love Demon's Souls (and its sequels of the Dark series).

I consider their estetics, gameplay, characters, music and story amazing, and it inspired me in many ways (like my original research about the magic circles and their meaning you can find in the "links" section). I also love Jrpgs, retrogaming, Fantasy in general, anime and manga (love Evangelion!)... And food and cooking! :D

Beside that, I love traveling, being an amateur video editor and been a semi-pro photographer.

I'm in love with Japan (been there twice) and in all kinds of electronics and new technology... Lika A.I.

If you want to chat, provide feedback, criticize or offer help, contact me freely! (contacts in its own section)

have fun!